Emile Leon – Best Watches Selection in Paris

Emile Leon is a well-known Parisian jeweller and famous for its exciting range of fine jewellery in a traditional style, using all of the classic precious gemstones. Furthermore, Leon is one of the very few independent jewellers of the city to own their own atelier and workshop, which allows this very reputable name, the creative flexibility and imagination to continue to produce innovative, unique pieces for its very many clients, both French and International.

Beyond this speciality, Emile Leon has also become the undisputed destination in Paris for lovers of watches and what a pleasure to see such a fantastic range of watches for both women and especially for men. A fine watch is now a “must have” accessory for any man. Add a good shirt, perfect shoes, perfectly pressed pants or quality jeans and you have the perfect combination for the sign that he’s a really fashion conscious man.

Watches can also tell us a lot about the person who wears them; classic, sporty, trendy, innovator, modern or vintage…they make a statement. And most men now are happy to change their watches, depending on the occasion. With all the top brands and sometimes with exclusive pieces, here is my selection of five great watch brands for men;

#1- Frederique Constant

For those who are looking for an excellent Swiss watch, known for marrying both quality and affordable prices, Frederique Constant is a winner. Very classical designs, extremely well made and with a great variety of models and prices. From 490 euros to 9000 euros

#2 – Oris

For more than 100 years, Oris has been manufacturing watches in Switzerland. It’s watches are entirely mechanical and are distinguished by their original style as well as by their red rotor, the symbol of Oris mechanical watches. Oris watches are also very popular with Formula 1 celebrities and other well-known sports personalities who and promote their sporting creations, modern and unique.Emile Leon has just installed one corner with a great choice dedicated to the brand. From 1150 euros to 14000 euros

#3 – Meistersinger

A single glance is enough to recognise a MeisterSinger watch. A sober dial, typical and minimalist and very sought after by watch collectors because of its unique system of “mono-aiguille” or where the hour is marked with only one needle instead of two … which moves peacefully each 5 minutes; Time, suddenly, seems to flow slowly! MeisterSinger offers us the opportunity to discover the measure of time in an original, clear and pure form for the lovers of avant-garde watches! From 1095 euros to 4550 euros

#4 – Maurice Lacroix

Yes, it may be more expensive but what you have here is an absolutely fantastic dress watch for a classic, modern and refined look that certainly tells a story about its owner.

Maurice Lacroix has a clear set of objectives: firstly, by maintaining the quality of the traditional Swiss art of watchmaking art as its exceptional standard and to innovate in the field of complications, movements, contemporary design. Maurice Lacroix also distinguishes itself with a particular passion for detail and perfection in creating extraordinary wrist watches.

People who have a strong sense of value between the transmission of artisanal know-how, creative development work and the latest technologies will always find their perfect choice in this brand. From 695 euros to 12900 euros

#5 – Triton

Emile Leon is the only store in Paris to sell this mytic brand. The Triton watch Subphotic, the original timepiece was designed in 1962 by Jean-René Parmentier, former Colonel of the French Army, and manufactured by Dodane in their workshops in Besançon. This model was marketed from 1963 until the early 1970s, in shops specializing in the field of diving. At the time this timepiece was more expensive than a Rolex Submariner. They are masterpieces of complex technology, equipped with a helium valve which allows dives up to 500m. A fine watch with a great heritage and tradition. From 4500 euros to 5490 euros

Besides these fantastic models, Emile Leon also proposes other famous watch brands, including Alpina, Corum, Lornet, Hamilton, Junghans and rare pieces for collectors for all budgets. If you want to view a great selection of watches, with exceptional service from Emile Leon’s professional staff, go and visit this remarkable store in the classy rue Royale in the heart of Paris. For tourists that come from outside the EU, there is a tax free price that makes the visit really worthwhile.

  • Emile Léon
  • 8 Rue royale 75008 Paris France





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