Dolce & Gabbana – Democratic Femininity

The Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2017/18 spectacle was a true celebration of femininity and equality. On the podium, the fashion show was a festival of feminine diversity – in age, forms, stature and personalities.

It’s a wonderful refreshing and intelligent response that the designer duo, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce gives to the fashion world, that often imposes in its fashion shows and advertising campaigns only young and beautiful girls with a perfect body. Their fashion show also reflects their recent series of adverts, showing models in everyday situations with ordinary people in the streets of Italian cities.

The choice of the “models” that presented the new collection in Milan was based on the true muses of the iconic Italian luxury brand. And it was extremely enjoyable and gratifying to see all these smiling women wearing D & G – small or tall, thin or generous in shape, children, teenagers or mature women – all of them, full of personality, took to the catwalk not only their body but also their soul. A real life show.

Domenico and Stefano brought to this collection the quintessence of the Italian style and culture: vibrate, chic, luxurious protraying the real life emotions of good humour, laughter, generosity, all these precious life instances that are so Italian.

This D & G collection is an extremely diverse collection, but that unites the roots of the brand: the elegant and sexy Sicilian black dress, baroque style revisited in jeans and long coats, profusion of lace and transparencies, romantic bouquets of roses and cameos, Leopard prints, embroidered cascades – all with a hint of humour and exuberance perfect to make you dream and seduce your true “Madonnas.”

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