Dior: the Fontaines Parfumées

Dior has opened its own new creative laboratory for perfumes in the Fontaines Parfumées estate, near the historical town of Grasse on the Cote d’Azur in France. The reputation and exceptional “savoir faire” of the town of Grasse in perfume making is world renowned, but It’s also a highly symbolic location for Dior as it’s only a few kilometres away from the “Château de la Colle Noire”, where Mr Christian Dior dreamed up his future fragrances.  Today, in the flower-filled fields around Grasse, the “Domaine de Manon” and the “Clos de Callian” give over their entire harvests of rose and jasmine to the Dior’s perfumes.


By choosing the Fontaines Parfumées as the place of creation for its perfumes, Dior is putting down even deeper roots in this region, the cradle of perfumery, to which it has been connected since the company’s creation.


The story of Grasse began back in the 17th century, when the fashion for perfumed gloves, which arrived from Italy, made its mark on the Grasse region – fragrances were used at that time to mask the strong smell of leather. The source of the river Foux, whose springs run under the estate that is now known as Les Fontaines Parfumées, was used to provide water to the tanneries. After two centuries, the profession of glover-perfumer had gradually evolved from producing scented gloves, to making bottled perfumes and Grasse became the international capital of perfume. And the “naturally perfumed” water of the fountain gave rise to the name of the Fontaines Parfumées.


The house of Dior has been working in conjunction with Louis Vuitton on the rehabilitation of this site, previously threatened by ruin and oblivion. The restoration, overseen by the “Architectes des Bâtiments de France”, required four years of painstaking research and the work of a host of local craftspeople specializing in Provençal techniques, in order to remain faithful to the estate’s history and authenticity. Today, the site has regained its original glory and become a place of living creation for Dior perfumes.


Dior has just launched a new perfume “La Colle Noire” made from roses in May and prepares for September the new fragrance “Absolutely Blooming”.

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