David Rosas: A Luxury Icon For Over Four Generations


On a bright, sunny morning during my trip to Lisbon, I had the pleasure of meeting Sara Almeida the director of the famous Portuguese jewellery brand David Rosas.

After a few brief moments we were already chatting like we were old friends. She went through the history of the company with me which has been a luxury icon for over four generations. Completely absorbed, I was enthralled by the incredible beauty of the pieces displayed…

If you know me, you’ll be aware that I already love jewellery, but in David Rosas’ store I encountered some creations that were fit for royalty and pieces which had been made by the family (mother and daughter) and had a distinct beauty.

The family’s designs have always been daring. David Rosas is the son of a family which has been linked to the goldsmith trade for generations. Recently the family has worked with top international jewellery and watchmaking brands. David Rosas is still the only representative of the Philippe Patek brand in Portugal today.

Sara let us know that the brand was constructing a new ‘flagship’ store at the time (which has since opened). Like the brand, this new project is brave and modern; it was overseen by Luísa Rosas, architect and designer, David and Maria Luísa’s daughter…

This new boutique is very impressive. The 700m² space encompasses several areas which represent a different aspect of the brand, so that customers, both male and female, can find exactly what they are looking for.


David Rosas




In addition to the family’s history which really impressed me, I am also amazed by the family’s perseverance to continue the tradition for so many generations and the talented collaboration between mother and daughter. Today, Maria Luísa Rosas is the creative director and succeeds in getting the attention of big international brands such as Chopard, Bulgari and even Chaumet

The biggest surprise is Maria Luísa’s jewellery line. Her skill as an architect is clearly visible from her designs. Modern and delicate, they are exactly the style of jewellery that I enjoy wearing. Understated luxury; I was fascinated by the ‘Skin’ line which fuses two different types of gold together, yellow gold on one side and rose gold on the other, with beautiful diamonds also present in the works of art – these pieces can be worn in two ways. These pieces can be worn during the day by adding a relaxed chic element to your look… The perfect accessory for the modern woman…

  • XL Store David Rosas
  • 69, Avenida da Liberdade
  • Lisbon

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