Comptoir des Cotonniers: Le French style

Comptoir des Cotonniers

Comptoir des Cotonniers is a favourite brand for French women. Discreet and chic, the brand is perfectly represents the classic Parisian style that we see in the home, office and at dinner parties.

The Comptoir des Cotonniers clothes are famous for their soft colours, romantic prints and, of course, the famous “trench coat” that the French women wear with great style and elegance.

But what’s the best way to wear a trench coat?

The trench coat is an essential piece in any French woman’s wardrobe.

You can style it up or down and mix & match it to suit your mood and occasion…

The difference is in the detail: in the way you tie the belt, the wear the collar, roll the sleeves… on how you complement it – with a sexy dress and stiletto heels for example, or just with jeans and comfortable ballerinas … Definitely this is a garment that offers many possibilities.

And with the coming spring and mild temperatures, the trench coat is the key to the wardrobe of any woman. My favourite colour is the camel. Versatile and eternally fashionable, it is the “right” investment for an ultra-feminine look.

So why not learn a little about how the French wear it?

Comptoir Cot Style

Comptoir Cot Style

Ready to use your trench “a la française” with elegant femininity?

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