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Our skin is unique and requires gentle attention throughout our lives.
Our skin demands respect with the right care so it’s very important to carefully chose our beauty products that we use daily. Of course, there are plenty of choices out there, but we are never really sure what is the perfect match for our individual skin type. So the French brand  CODAGE decided to create a new concept of personalising cosmetics for clients that are 100% custom-made for each person’s specific needs.

With an experience inherited from the traditional French pharmacy, CODAGE creates unique beauty formulas with a precise dosage of its high-performance active ingredients.

Created from 100% natural vegetables, algae, minerals and biotechnological derivatives, CODAGE’s assets synthesize the latest international advances in cosmetics and meet the highest safety requirements with fantastic efficiency.

Each  CODAGE formula is like a “code” designed to meet the specific and individual needs of men and women, including face serum, eye contour, day and night creams, masks…

To better understand this innovative process, I had the privilege of meeting CODAGE in Paris, where I experienced a fantastic beauty treatment for the face with a detailed diagnosis of my skin and its needs.

The laboratory

The laboratory

From entering their modern boutique-spa which is located in a small and charming street in the heart of the Marais district, you already feel conquered by the concept.

After being dazzled by the exposed products and the laboratory where their formulas are manipulated, I comfortably settled into a dedicated space for skin treatment, where a professional specialist (extremely well prepared) began our “interview” about my habits, skin problems and my wishes and made a diagnosis of my skin.

After this dialogue and with the help of some pretty sophisticated software that crosses and analyses all this personal information – my specialist reveals to me what my skin needs and prepares a beauty treatment “Haute Couture” that lasts about 1h45.

My specialist, called Justine selected several ingredients and used them one by one on my face explaining the action of each and how and when to apply them.
A true “custom-made ” course for your skin.

CODAGE offers several facial treatments that can last from 15 minutes (for the eyes) to 1h45 minutes. All aiming to sublimate the beauty of your skin.

To buy your products, you must make a free consultation and you can choose between two formulas: the creation of custom cream, or the pre-established formulas.
The custom-made- gathers in a single cream several nutri-elements and is created specifically for you. It takes about a week to get ready and is delivered throughout Europe in a personalized bottle with your initials.
The ready-to-wear – with more affordable prices, but extremely effective prices, these pre-made formulas combine nutri-elements for the specific purpose of your face overall.

For me (and my skin) it was an enriching experience and I definitely adopted this brand as a favourite. It’s a clever approach to active cosmetics to help you take better care of your skin simply and effectively…
8 Rue du Tresor,
75004 Paris,

Make appointment: +33 1 40 27 80 09 or

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