Chanel Store in Chelsea : Cool Sophistication

Chelsea is one of the most beautiful and affluent districts of London. Its white elegant terraced townhouses with their immaculately landscaped planted entrances are just a wonder to enjoy. For visitors the charm and traditional image of Victorian England remains almost intact.

It’s also a district full of high-end designer boutiques, chic restaurants and upscale clubs.

It’s where Chanel has located one of its new boutique openings with a new retail concept with a homely feel which draws inspiration from Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris.

The store features ready to wear, leather accessories including a selection of bags made from the finest exotic and rare leathers, as well as a selection of exclusive jewellery displayed in the shop in a totally innovative way.

In the entrance, you are welcomed by a series of photographs, the work of its designer Karl Lagerfeld, which gives you the feeling you are accessing an art gallery. The boutique is luxurious but extremely with a minimalist aesthetic that includes walls dedicated to bags and shoes.

On the second floor, there’s a real focus on accessories, with timeless and classic pieces that share space with the novelties of the season. Again, the way products are displayed is very interactive, with cabinets and drawers that you open and close as if they were your own closet at home!

This store is designed to be temporary, while Chanel prepares a new store just a few meters away, but without a doubt, this is an innovative and unique space, typical of the brand that never ceases to innovate without leaving aside its roots: luxury and Savoir Faire

  • 72-74 Sloane Ave, London SW3 3DZ
  • T:020 7581 8620




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