Chanel launches the “Boy.Friend” watch

Another fashion obsession to say “I love you”!

Chanel launched their new ladies watch under the BOYFRIEND name this week its main stores, playing with the ambiguity of the name.

The name may seem strange to many people, but the ambiguity may be interpreted for some in that Arthur “Boy” Capel was the great love in the life of Gabrielle Chanel and also the man who financed the start of her career as an independent woman at a time when only men dared to enter the world of business. Another source of this name may come from the fact that Chanel was the first designer to create ladies fashion, that were very strongly inspired on masculine clothing.

The masculine touch

Gabrielle Chanel was famous for transgressing the rules and making her own special touch on each of her designs. She needed to be a man in a women’s body to contradict the business world ruled by men at the time. After all these years later, this watch design is a celebration and recognition of Coco’s extraordinary talent and inspiration, where the “maison” Chanel has been able to produce a feminine timepiece at the boundary of masculinity. Its such an elegant timepiece that has absolutely perfect balance and harmony.


This watch is addition to the iconic octogonal shaped Première watch case launched in 1987, that reflects the octagonal layout of Place Vendome in Paris. Remember also the simple yet totally iconic octagonal shape of the stopper of the Chanel N°5 fragrance bottle.

The watch comes in 6 models. A heavy case available in two sizes (Large and XLarge) set with or without diamonds in a case that is made of white or beige gold which is a lighter version of the red gold specifically patented by the French house. All watches feature alligator straps. The Chanel Boyfriend is “an emotional object”… that could – off the record – be easily worn by men.

Chanel Wacth

Chanel Wacth1

Chanel Boy.Friend watches is available today, 1 September 2015.

And you know what, ladies? There’s even an official hashtag for the watch. It’s #meetmyboyfriend. Let the fashion story begin again.

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