Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016

Karl Lagerfeld defines Haute Couture as “extreme luxury” It seeks perfection, beauty and uniqueness. Patience, imagination, skill, dedication, hard work and creativity are all needed to produce fashion art works that symbolises the designer’s view of fashion and style

StellaPelissari- Chanel

Haute Couture is quintessentially Parisian. It was born in the quarter around the rue de la Paix where Charles-Frédéric Worth founded a dressmaking salon in 1858. By transforming the couturier from a “supplier” into a “creator” he was the first to present his clients with actual collections on living models in luxurious salons.

At that time, Paris already had a reputation as the world’s capital of elegance and was bursting with small businesses dedicated to the art of couture (embroiderers, feather workers, button, shoe and glove makers and milliners…).

Although Gabrielle Chanel opened her first boutique in Biarritz in 1915,, She moved to rue Cambon in Paris, in 1918. By the end of the 1920’s, the address had expanded to include N°s 23, 25, 27, 29 and 31. The legendary 31, rue Cambon is now solely dedicated to Haute Couture. All of the collections and orders for Haute Couture are without exception created in this historical building.

Chanel continues the great traditional of Coco Chanel and Haute Couture and is the oldest active dressmaking House. All of the unique pieces are entirely handmade and have a label on the back bearing a certificate number insuring their authenticity. Each outfit is exclusive and cannot be ordered without the consent of the first person who acquired it.

The new Collection Haute Couture from Chanel

Chanel presented its latest 2016 Spring-Summer collection of Haute Couture spring in a minimalist setting created by Karl Lagerfeld. All Chanel shows are now spectacular events in their own right. We are always surprised by the fantastic scenery created by Karl Lagerfeld. And this season, Karl invites us for a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun. The decoration, consisting of a wooden house neat rows, surrounded by a Zen garden gave way to one of the finest collections of haute couture already presented by Chanel.

StellaPelissari- Chanel

StellaPelissari- Chanel

 The magnificent collection of clothes was the complete opposite – rich and complex. Lagerfeld has used his favourite colours for fluid dresses, vaporous blouses, jackets and skirts with rich embroidery of flowers and bees. A fine collection, but natural as loved Gabrielle Chanel.

StellaPelissari- Chanel

Mademoiselle Chanel had a special love for nature and all its colours: ecru, ivory, sand, taupe, brown and beige, which was her favourite colour. “It brings a balance between the warmth of brown and cool white”, she used to remind clients.

But Karl edited the passion of Gabrielle Chanel in a way that we have never seen before, using wood and straw as an ornament: sequins, beads, pearls…

StellaPelissari- Chanel

“We had wonderful embroidery with new materials such as wood and straw. We had to make all the pieces ourselves because you cannot find anywhere wooden sequins, for example, relates Lagerfeld.

With the intention of uniting the ecology and fashion in a contemporary way, Lagerfeld used recycled paper and organic tissue wires and even wild cotton. “This is the haute couture of ecology,” he said.

StellaPelissari- Chanel71.jpg.fashionImg.look-sheet.hi

The Fashion show was marked by pleated parts such as origami and mixing of air with the material rigidity of the timber. Volumes reminded the vagaries of nature, such as jackets with generous oval rounded sleeves or blouses in contrast to the delicacy of pencil skirts.

The second part of the show is spectacular when the advancing models wearing skirts and dresses in shades of beige, ivory and gold embroidery perfected to millimetre perfection.

Symbol of royalty and hard work

Bees adorned much of the evening clothes are embroidered tulle or mounted as jewellery. Symbolizing renewal and perpetuity of the rebirth of nature and providing happiness, bees also incorporate a symbolic value associated with their hard working nature, a work that recalls the making of Haute Couture clothes. Bees of course are also a symbol of royalty – and a fetish symbol used by Napoleon.


One of the greatest collections from Chanel!


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