Chanel: Back To The Future

Karl Lagerfeld does not like to grow old and does not have time for nostalgia. Chanel also.

In fact, the iconic Lagerfeld has always looked to the future and has the talent of capturing the energy of the moment is legendary. He has always been interested in the future and what technology can offer.



The Chanel collection for next summer is digital and tech-electric. Traditional materials – tweed suits, chains, quilted and camellias are upgraded to having electric tones, LED lighting, neon effects, prints with scanned pixels and computer wires.


The famous Grand Palais of Paris was transformed into a giant shiny steel futuristic platform  – the models emerging from an immense database of thousands of stacked computers and electrical wires in bright colours, dressed in traditional Chanel jackets, bright vibrant baseball caps, mixing haute couture and modern street fashion.


Karl has kept the high frequency of the collection in sensual rhythms – blouses, skirts, and lingerie dresses with delicate folds contrasting with baggy pants, long sleeves and working out of arty-style techno …


The key element of the collection was the lingerie inspired dresses, discreetly worn under heavy tweeds. Handbags and accessories came with LED lights. For footwear, Lagerfeld complimented the technical theme with sandals in metallic leather allowing the Chanel woman to maintain their frenetic pace and walk in chic, informal comfort.

A wonderful classical collection reinvented with a totally new look for spring for a super young style, for the modern woman, powerful, yet steeped in femininity.


After the show, Lagerfeld said…”Chanel has always been modern before its time. I have associated the traditional tweed blazers with these  modern creatures from the future to say: Chanel is timeless, Chanel is immortal ”


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