Burlington Arcade, a wonderful english souvenir

One of the real treasures of London and a place that always visit is the famous Burlington Arcade that was founded in 1819. Full of wonderful shops, the Arcade is policed by Beadles, liveried guards wearing frock coats and braided top hats. The Beadles were originally recruited to enforce a strict set of behavioral rules in the Arcade, many of which still apply today. They still ring the bell each morning as part of the gates ceremony to inform visitors that the gates are open and also uphold many of the orginal “rules of the arcade” which include prohibiting of running, opening of umbrellas, bicycles and whistling. The only person who has officially been given permission to whistle in the Arcade is Sir Paul McCartney.

B. Arcade

Whistling is banned as pickpockets often whistled signals to one another. On 30th of January 1969 the Beatles played their last public performance on the roof of Apple Records HQ at Number 3 Savile Row, London. Sir Paul McCartney visited the store whistling and was promptly tapped on the back by one of the Beadles who stated  there was to be no whistling in the Arcade. After turning around the Beatle sharply answered ‘but as its you Paul, I’ll give you a special license’ and from that date to this Sir Paul whistles whenever he visits the Arcade.

And to this day Sir Paul McCartney likes to visit the arcade every December, as part of his Christmas shopping. He always gives a little whistle and a wink at the beadles, and they tip their hats in return.

If you are coming to London, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this mythic address…


But Burlington Arcade is not only this….

Its the stunning archicture, fantastic shoes, bags, suitcases, parfumes, all the best quality, as all good English people love..

Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Here are some shopping tips when you go to the Arcade:

Theo Fennell 

Theo Fennell is one of today’s premier jewellery designers. His eclectic, and beautiful pieces have been designed and handcrafted by Theo Fennell’s team of expert craftsmen in his Chelsea workshop. Lovely!


Sophisticated and really exceptionel jewellery for special ladies. It’s a shop that I always appreciate for its unique pieces


With a distinguished history dating to 1745, with beautifully appointed showrooms, Heming supplies fine jewellery and wristwatches, specialising in certified diamond engagement, wedding and eternity rings, as well as pre-owned classic and sports watches.


Devoted to crafting beautiful swimwear and shorts, Vilebrequin settles for nothing less than excellence. The brand has mastered the art design of exclusive prints. Perfectly made to the highest standards ensures that a “Vilebrequin” will always remain the epitome of casual elegance.

Michael Rose 

Established in 1980. A must for anyone wishing to make a jewellery purchase, which includes the best advice and a friendly service.


Founded in 1950 by a former Parker Pen mechanic, to provide a repair services for all your beautiful pens, as well as offering a fantastic range of pens to buy for that ideal

N. Peal

N.Peal is considered the destination in London for luxury cashmere.  Offering a wide range of styles for both women and men its aim is to carefully sculpture modern trends into timeless style, with a vibrant range of colours.



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