Beauty by Chanel: a place dedicated to perfumes and beauty


Chanel is a brand that everybody dreams about, just like you and me! But let’s be honest: not everyone can treat themselves to a Chanel bag or clothes regularly!

Instead, what about a do-it-yourself makeup lesson? Do you need a treatment for your skin or maybe you just want to do your nails?

What is great is that you can book this service in the store, at home or from your hotel! Absolutely fantastic!

At number 382 rue Saint Honoré in Paris, a few steps away from the traditional Maison Chanel, there is now a whole space dedicated only to beauty. The supreme chic!

The boutique is small but cosy – all in black and white – respecting the brand image as it combines sobriety and the typical chic that is so Chanel.

The ground floor is devoted to perfumes including the exclusive ones, called “Les Exclusifs”, a mythical collection of fragrances created for Chanel, only sold in Paris.

Upstairs, a private and cosy space dedicated to beauty: makeup lessons, a room for skincare and a space to do your nails or have them done.

Chanel Beauty Store

Chanel Beauty Store

Chanel Beauty Store

The staff are extremely welcoming and you quickly feel you are at home and the professionals are highly qualified. Of course, we are talking about Chanel!

What seduced me more? The do-it-yourself makeup lesson!

During two hours, you learn step by step how to apply makeup. It includes “day make up” and “evening make up” but above all, you will be given tricks to sublimate your beauty!

Chanel Beauty Store

Chanel Beauty Store

You want more? You can come back a few days later for a second meeting that lasts one hour, reapply your makeup in full view of the same professional team who checks that you are still applying everything correctly.

The cost?
• Makeup lesson: 240 euros
• Private makeup lesson at home or hotel: 400 euros
• Personalized makeup: 105 euros
• Personalized makeup at home or hotel: 215 euros
• Nails (includes a flash makeup): 75 euros

Chanel Beauty & Parfum

  • 382 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 PARIS
  • Tel.: 01 44 50 72 67

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