The art of parfum by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the few luxury brands that has yet to offer its clients a range of perfume and beauty products. So expectations are running high among its loyal clientele as the most famous of French luxury brands announces its eminent release of a fragrance that will be absolutely unique and resolutely anchored in its history.


It has taken four long years for the famous perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud to finally unveil a new range of Louis Vuitton scents that includes 7 perfumes. The perfume of Vuitton will complement the quality reputation that the brand has maintained and developed over more than a century. It will be a point of honour to produce a very special scent.


The creative workshop is based in Grasse, the mythical town in the south of France, world famous for its “savoir-faire” in creating the greatest fragrances ever produced.

The perfume will be defined by innovation, using the highest quality raw materials sourced by the expect perfume nose Jacques Cavallier who has travelled the world in search of the rarest and finest ingredients.  He has said  « I made an emotional journey, then I put the emotions in a bottle».


The Vuitton perfumes are inspired by the brand’s natural attachment with adventure and travel. The brand reminds us that it is sometimes enough ” to close your eyes to be transported to the other end of the world. ” It is a dream that Vuitton wishes to capture in its perfume.


Travel miniatures – 200 euros

Vuitton will leverage on its legendary experience in design and in leather travel baggage to create a very special travel bottle and travel pack. The bottle, designed by Marc Newson, is refined and yet simple, topped with a black cap punch “LV”. Each bottle is refillable and available in 200 ml or 100 ml.

The fragrance Case: 4300 euros The fragrances are available also in a box of 7 travel miniatures or in a luxurious monogrammed case, reminiscent of the 1920’s travel trunk and comprising of 3 bottles.

Photos: © Louis Vuitton / Erwan Frotin

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