Apostrophe: the dress code of elegance

Modern women need to multi-task, fulfilling many different and demanding roles, trying to balance personal, family and work responsibilities. They have to be ready to easily switch between work meetings, family organization and weekend between friends without losing their elegance and femininity.

Fast paced, but without making a false step, these talented women, often spending long days in « Stilettos » making important decisions, arrive home to family matters, but wanting to maintain their finesse and sensuality.

This is the profile of the « Apostrophe » woman.  This French prêt-à-porter brand, which was founded in1968.

Apostrophe always been able to create a wonderful, timeless chic contemporary style for the modern busy, but fashion conscious lady.

It’s a very “Parisian” style where the clothes are like a second skin so that each piece sublimates the body that wears it, with a sleek, comfortable and feminine silhouette. The cuts are fluid and create a subtle blend of elegance and seduction.

In their beautiful boutique at rue du Boccador in the heart of Parisian “Triangle d’Or”, there is a collection full of glamour and a perfect balance between fantasy and the casual style that makes the woman shine for all occasions.

APOSTROPHE understands the necessities of this “new woman” who no longer needs to sacrifice their style – and therefore their personality – to succeed and be beautiful. On the contrary, their appearance has become the expression of their professional audacity and personal sucks.

We really appreciate the perfectly cut leather pants, the silky vaporous blouses, the dresses that can easily slip between a meeting at the office and a business dinner and the summer trench coat “kimono” that can accompany you on a plane or to the countryside house for the weekend…

In this large, yet cosy boutique you will find all the prêt-à-porter collection of the brand as well as various accessories such as bags and bijoux to add “character” to your wardrobe. The inspiration this season is “Safari Chic” with natural colours and graphic prints.

And if you are wanting to do a “renew” of your wardrobe to add modern pieces that will “multiply” for different moments of your day – put this store on your agenda….

In addition, you can count on the advice of the team of experts in fashion, coordinated by Véronique and Anita that will surely make this moment a pure delight.

  • Apostrophe – Paris
  • 1, rue du Boccador (Angle avenue Montaigne)
  • 75008 PARIS
  • Tél.: 01 56 89 20 80



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