Alfred Dunhill: the iconic navy blazer


A navy blazer for men is the equivalent of the “black dress” for women. It’s functional, versatile and very smart and always considered elegant for whatever the occasion.

The blazer was originally a nautical club jacket , based on a cross-blazer nineteenth century design. The term blazer derives from the English verb “blaze” which means “to shine. In fact, the term was used in the nineteenth century to describe the red blazers, the flaming red jackets of the rowing club of St John’s College, Cambridge University.

Today a navy blazer is definitively an essential element in any man’s wardrobe and is considered suitable wear for any situation be it casual, business casual or even formal.

It can be worn with a wide variety of other clothes ranging from a shirt, polo, sweater and tie … it’s a lifesaver for busy gentlemen who are on the go. A navy blazer can be keep at the office in case you need to smarten up at a moment’s notice of for an impromptu meeting. It’s perfect also for the unexpected date too – and it always works!

alfred-dunhill-ss16_2You can find your perfect blazer at Alfred Dunhill, who creates some of the best clothing and fashion for men today. You will find a many options and models from the traditional style “jacket” to the modern 3 or 4 button veste – all in a large selection of different tissues, tailored for each season of the year, ready to wear or made especially tailored for you…Here are some ways to wear your blazer;

The Formal Business

Perfect for an elegant look, you’ll need only wear with a good quality oxford shirt and a nice tie, preferably a striped one with at least two colours for create formal look. Try a well-tailored charcoal grey trousers to match and smart black shoes to finish.


The Smart Casual

Perfect for relaxing moments while maintaining a certain elegance, use your navy blazer with a coloured shirt, preferably in pastel tones like a soft-blue stripe or light pink. Complete the touch with smart beige trousers, a pair of brown loafers for a smart and chic look.


The Cool Weekend

For a more relaxed and informal appearance, add a casual shirt or polo with a jeans and chinos trousers. For a visual really modern and relaxed, wear with moccasins or sneakers.


Finally, for that final touch – don’t hesitate to have a matching hankie in the breast pocket – even a simple white one will add that extra elegant touch. In summer, wear your panama hat as well for a stylish appearance.

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