A man, a tie…


At the end of the year we have lots of parties … So, if us ladies make an effort to be prettier than ever, what is the accessory that really makes a difference for our men? For me, it’s the tie!

This essential accessory of the male wardrobe is experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks to a recent craze for a more classical style for men’s fashion. The tie is a small detail, but a good tie can make all the difference!

And it’s no secret we women love to see a man wearing a nice tie!


I worked for 10 years as a costume designer in the film industry and picking the right tie, making the perfect knot was part of my daily life, so it’s no mystery to me and because of this work, I particularly appreciate this fine detail in men’s attire.


So let me give you some pointers:
When you wear a tie, you need to consider three important elements:
• The design and colour of the tie
• The proportion of the tie
• The tie knots


Research tells us that the tie is the second element that is noticed after someone’s face. Think about this next time you meet some men and you will probably realise this too. After you first notice the tie, you will again want to look at the face of the person.

My favourite tie knot is best known as the Windsor knot, which is a rather large and symmetrical knot – and so very British. It was popularized by the Duke of Windsor in the 1930’s.
This knot is achievable with standard ties, long or thin, suitable for classic collar shirts

Follow the steps:


1. Stand in front of a mirror. The mirror will help guide you as you tie your tie, making it easier and producing fewer mistakes.

2. Take the thick end of the tie in your right hand and the thin end of your tie in your left hand.

3. Cross the thick end of the tie over the thin end.

4. Take the thick end up through the loop in your neck. Pass the thick end behind the loop first, and then over. The thick end should now be resting near the left side of your neck.

5. ?Pass the thick end behind the thin end.

6. ?Pass the thick end up and over through the loop in your neck. Instead of passing the thick end under and then over the loop (as in Step 4), pass it over and then under. The thick end should be resting near the right side of your neck.

7. ?Cross the thick end in front of the thin end.

8. ?Pass the thick end up and under the loop in your neck.

9. ?Feed the thick end down through the loop in the front of the tie. Adjust the triangle formed by the double Windsor and cinch up the tie around your collar.

10. ?Prepare to impress the ladies!

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