Gucci’s next collection at Westminster Abbey

Gucci continues to surprise its trendy clientele with the arrival of its new artistic director Alessandro Michele.

After the 2016 Cruise Collection that was presented at the DIA-Art in New York, It’s at the very prestigious Westminster Abbey in London that the brand presents its 2017 Cruise collection. The fashion show will surely be spectacular with lots of forward planning and it’s set to take place on the 2nd June. It is surely the first ever such event that has been held there in the 1000 history of the Abbey!


Alessandro Michele evokes his admiration for the British capital where he began his career 10 years ago. “I am deeply in love with this country and with its history,” says the designer and described the opportunity to present at Westminster Abbey as “magical”. The fashion-show promises to be royal.


It is a privilege for this iconic Italian brand to be able to organize its fashion show in such a well loved part of the story of London, which has witnessed over the centuries so many important and famous events and celebrations in the history of Briton and its much admired monarchy.


Westminster Abbey is the official church for coronations and other royal milestones, such as the marriage of Prince William and Kate in 2011. It also has witnessed sad moments that have been seen by millions of people, such as the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997, or that of the much loved “Queen Mum” in 2002. It is the first time a couture house gets such an honour.


A daring designer

Responsible for the artistic direction of Gucci since January 2015, Alessandro Michele’s talent has place has quickly made him a star in the very competitive fashion industry. Last December, he received the prize of the International Designer of the Year at the British Fashion awards. And so in June, we will see the coronation of Gucci on British soil.

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