Le Bon Marché presents Ai Weiwei

The luxury department store Le Bon Marché in Paris has established a well deserved reputation for its audacious in-store exhibitions. They always seem to find those perfect ideas from far away places that touch us quite deeply and awaken our senses to exciting themes and cultures.

Over the last number of years this famous left bank department store has transformed itself into a favoured destination for shoppers who find all of the great luxury brands in a very pleasant environment. The store staff are excellent – very helpful and experienced.


It’s current exhibition project for its clientele and visitors are the pharaonic art works of famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei that can be enjoyed for the first time in France.The exhibition named “Xi Er” (“Air Play”) presents monumental art works inspired by the tales and legends of his majestic country.



Considered one of the most influential artists of his generation, Ai Weiwei is also for his daring and provocative work.

For the realization of this exhibition the artist used ancient techniques that mix bamboo and Silk Paper to create dragons, parrots, fish and other figures from Chinese mythology in three-dimensional works.


Many of these works refers to previous pieces of artwork and concerned throughout his career, principally the principles  related with freedom and repression. Made of simple materials and striking white colour, they plunge the Le Bon Marché store into a fantastic light.


His works are a turbulent combination opposites, playfulness and menace, simple yet at the same time exuberant, familiar and exotic, all of which revel the great talent of this artist.

“Exhibiting at the Bon Marché is to use a new medium, a department store, to meet a new public as wide as that of a museum, but, in principle, does not come to see the art. This experience allows me to design an exhibition in another way, with different constraints than of a museum or gallery and I am very happy with the result”, said the artist, who lives in Berlin.

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