Dioressence – The art of scarpins

They are the very essence of femininity. And as used to say the designer Christian Dior “pumps go with everything.”

Dior has just launched a collection of pumps called “Dioressence”.
Created from the finest quality materials with delicate curves, fine stiletto heels, these beautiful shoes have been definitively transformed into objects of desire!

dioressence_savoirfaire_grille1The collection Dioressence are lovingly produced in Italy, a few kilometres from Venice, in a region renowned for its savoir-faire and passion in footware design and manufacture and where they always strive to reflect femininity and elegance in their work.

This small masterpiece of elegance requires at least hundred steps in the process of its production. Firstly, at Dior’s footwear design studio, where the first artistic steps are taken in the greatest of detail.


Then prototypes are created, making absolutely sure that the shoe form and the heels provide the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. The pattern maker, the heel-maker, the artisan that selects the leather – are all mobilized to create the perfect pair of shoes.

Each step requires precision. The choice of the leather, the union of every part of the shoe, the sewing the soles … all these stages are made by hand … A true ballet of hands that transforms each pair into almost a work of art…

dioressence_savoirfaire_grille3Once ready, the Dioressence shoes go through a complete quality control process, by reviewing the leather, stitching and reinforcements, everything is checked before each piece is cleaned and polished …

dioressence_savoirfaire_grille4The shades are still connected with the history of the “Maison Dior”. Of course you have the traditional black, regarded as “the most elegant colour” by the designer Christian Dior, then the pale pink, which he defined as “the colour of happiness and femininity.”
But for bolder women, the Dioressence collection also appears in colours like ocher, military green, cognac, bronze, white, yellow, red and blue…
As Monsieur Dior said: “A touch of colour can be enough to change your appearance.”
A true timeless classic.

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