Michael Kors, burgundy desire!

The burgundy was named the colour of the year 2015 and no one better than the American designer Michael Kors to bring our wardrobe to life with this a seductive and sophisticated colour.

Burgundy is a rich, sophisticated colour that exudes confidence and is subtly seductive. It has a natural warming effect, perfect for “embracing” our body in winter.

It’s a tone that is a versatile and attractive for both men and women and has that great characteristic of matching all shades of skin. Its seductive, rich, elegant, fine, just like a great Burgundy wine…

In the new collection from Michael Kors, the burgundy colour appears with glamor and luxury, whether as a dress, a coat, shoes or even in watches, that creates a harmonious contrast when combined with black, beige, ivory or even dark green and navy.



The EXOTIC accent

A bag or a shoe in burgundy is always an elegant way to give a hint of glamor to a black dress or even jeans or basic white shirt. A combination that never fails.


A dress or a burgundy coat? Certainly, it will leave you sexy, with a certain discretion that creates a truly seductive silhouette.



The POWERFUL accessory

One of the best things about the burgundy colour is its versatility.

A simple watch in this colour becomes a truly “stylish piece “.

For this season, Mickel Kors launches two models in this shade that you can use adding a several bracelets and rings, or simply using it alone …


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