4 Great Tips when Shopping at Sephora

Everyone knows that Sephora is the perfect place to find the best and largest selection of beauty products and many of which that you’ve never heard off before. Sephora is like the “Disneyland of beauty”, where you are delighted at each turn with a dazzling display of exciting perfumes, cosmetics and other great beauty ideas.

But how can you make sure that you make the right purchases and not get lost among all these thousands of products?

Here are four tips to make your shopping experience great….

Try the products before you buy – with expert advice

One of the advantages of Sephora is that all products can be tested in their stores. So try everything before you decide to buy. To help you choose the right product, each store has a fantastic service of beauty advisers, who are all trained to help you choose the right product that exactly matches your skin type or makeup that will give the exact effect that you want.


Browse promotion set-boxes

 Sephora is so important in the world of beauty that many brands develop “box-sets” with various products that are sold exclusively in their stores. So take the opportunity to buy these “set of products”, which usually comes with a complementary product and they offer very good value.


There are also box-sets of travel size products. Those miniatures are perfect when traveling and can be packed in your hand baggage. Sephora offers a huge variety of them and buying the “mini” version is a great opportunity for you to test and decide on buying the normal size on the next visit …

Be part of Beauty Club

Join and be part of the Sephora Beauty Club program. Just sign up when making a purchase.

It’s simple, free and you will qualify for a lot of discounts! This loyalty program offers several advantages …Once you’ve registered, your purchases will earn you points for you to redeem for prizes, have access to discounts, promotions and exclusive events … and on your birthday you still get a super special gift!


Take away samples

Ask the samples at the end of your purchases. Every time you buy something at Sephora, you are entitled to some free samples that you can you choose. So it is also a good opportunity to test something that is on your future shopping list or have a “mini” version for your favorite product for your purse.


See more at: www.sephora.fr


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