365 Things To Do in Paris!

I have always been passionate about traveling and especially the joys of discovering and  exploring unique places to visit.

I remember a phrase that my maternal grandmother Mery sometimes sais…Walking costs nothing, but you could find a good thing” …

And so, in these last years living in Paris, I gradually unraveled each neighborhood, exploring every small street, formatting my “Carnet” of preferred addresses, tips and good plans.

Like every curious journalist, I started collecting guides, cutting magazine articles, organizing, classifying and, above all, experimenting!

365 Things to do in Paris – it is first and foremost a declaration of love for this seductive city.
One of the most visited cities in the world, with its iconic monuments, it hides a story full of mysteries and amazing things to do and see and that receives the curious with open arms.

My intention with this book is to take you by the hand to walk the streets of this romantic and enigmatic city – taking time to absorb that special atmosphere that you can only find in Paris.

I share with you “my Paris”.

And through these articles, you can prepare the journey of your dreams with discoveries that speak to your heart …

Have a nice trip!

Louvre – Tuileries – Madeleine

Um diálogo com Leonardo da Vinci e a Mona Lisa em pleno coração de Paris. Passarela da moda, do luxo e de ótimos restaurantes.

This is one of the most romantic areas of Paris.
Surrounded by ultra-luxury hotels are called “palaces”, they nourish the chic reputation of the city. The majestic historical monuments like the Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries Garden, the Madeleine Church and of course the Louvre museum. This area, besides being incredibly rich in history, is above all a classic example of French savoir-faire, since it was in this neighbourhood during the Belle Epoque that all the great couturiers were born and who have made Paris famous throughout the world for fashion.

Pretend you are not a tourist: put on a nice outfit, an eccentric accessory and soak in the atmosphere sit in a fashionable cafe and let life pass.

Have a leisurely walk by starting at the arcades of Rue de Rivoli, the small alleyways where antique shops are hidden, visit the museums and catch uo on the latest fashion trends by visiting Saint Honoré Street, the fashion artery of the city.

So, offer yourself a gift – it can be a good restaurant, a coffee break, or an impulsive purchase. I promise you that you will feel fantastic!

For gourmets & foodies – some places definitely right

♥1 - Le Soufflé

When I was a child, one of my favorite dishes was the soufflé prepared with love for my mother. It looked like a party day! And I delighted myself by taking my time by relishing every single spoonful, as the taste and aerated texture exploded in my mouth. For this reason, you need to taste this dish in Paris, since this delight was created by the French.

Just a few steps from Place Vendome you will find Le Soufflé – a small and charming restaurant that prepares only this dish in the savoury and sweet versions – souffle of truffles, asparagus, fois gras, chocolate, blackberries and even liquor. At noon you can opt for the set menu of 28 euros, which includes entrance, dish, dessert and a glass of wine of your choice. Light and delicious – perfect for you to “sigh”, as the name of this fantastic dish means.

  • Le Soufflé
  • 36,rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 –
  • Tel. +33 1 42 60 27 19
  • Metro: Louvre / Place Vendôme
  • Preço: **

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