365 Things To Do in Paris! Restaurants

Louvre – Tuileries – Madeleine – restaurants

A dialogue with Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa in the heart of Paris.Catwalk fashion, luxury and great restaurants.

For gourmets & foodies – some places definitely right


At the end of the day, you have just finished a tour of the Louvre Museum and you want to close the moment with something special and quite French, but what should you do – Need some advice ??

The answer is close by, and I would definitely finishing your evening at La Regalade Saint Honoré, a lively restaurant, where I always take friends to have a real “French experience”.

La Regalade Saint Honoré is a unique place – always crowded with a noisy, fashionable clientele, who appreciate splendid cuisine at a very reasonable price.

The service is friendly, the waiters quite funny and the food – delicious! Everything is made with fresh products and with an innovative touch. Special mention for the Saint-Jacques de Bretagne, (Scollops from the north of France) the Fricassée de Morilles (absolutely the best mushrooms that I know) and, especially, the dishes based on truffles (my favourite). And, please, taste the famous dessert of the house – “choco-praline à la Régalade”, simply sublime!

* Reservation is essential

  • La Regalade Saint Honoré
  • 123,  rue  Saint Honoré
  • Tel. : + 33 1 42 21 92 40
  • Metro: Louvre- Rivoli
  • Price: **
♥6 – PINXO

Truth be told: there is nothing better than being able to taste various dishes, especially if these come recommended by the famous chef Alain Dutournier. So Pinxo is a real treat. “Pinxer” comes from the Basque meaning “to nibble”.

I’m a fan of sneaking a taste from my friend’s plate, but at Pinxo this is not necessary since everything is served in small (and beautiful) portions as “tapas”.

You will be amazed by the variety of flavours, but also by the impeccable aesthetics of each of these magical portions. A playful cuisine orchestrated with delicacy and precision. The restaurant is lively, perfect for spending a convivial moment based on gourmet sharing. Each dish is presented in three portions so they can be easily shared. Everything can be chosen according to your appetite and curiosity. A real culinary zapping.

  • Pinxo
  • 9,  Rue d’Alger, 75001
  • Tel.: +33 1 40 20 72 00
  • Metro: Tuileries
  • Price: ** mini porções de 5 a 9 euros
♥7 – DA ROSA

In a quiet alleyway, parallel to the elegant Rue Saint Honoré there is a restaurant that is always vibrant and full of happy customers: Da Rosa. A kind of “chic-issime” delicatessen (as the French say),specialising in the best quality Iberian products. At lunchtime or at nightime, the place is heaving with elegant and fun people. What’s good to order? Ask for the house tapas.                                                                                           My favourites are: anchovies, tarama (freshly made), a selection of fine cheeses and a list of the best Spanish hams found in Paris. The noise takes over this quiet street, but comfort is guaranteed by the elegant red velvet armchairs.                                                                          Last tip: it is highly recommended to book at night because the Da Rosa became a victim of its own success. Go, you will not be disappointed!

  • Da Rosa – Vendôme
  • 19, rue du Mont-Thabor 75001
  • Tel.: + 33 1 77 37 37 87
  • Metro: Tuileries, Concorde, Madeleine
  • Price: **


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